Neighbours… Arghh..!

For some time we have had some issues with our neighbours (the ones that lives beneath us). They play loud music very often and in general doesn’t seem to care for others. Many times we have just said, they will properly turn it down soon, but yeah, utopia.

I’m currently considering writing a complaint about the loud music, yelling and slamming of the doors. But i think that might spark some differences with them and end up in something nasty. I would like to be “friends” with all my neighbours, have a good relation ship with them and have mutual respect.

We have 3 rather small children (6 years, 3 years and almost 1 year), they need to sleep around 19, sometimes it will be stretched to 20. But it seems like they don’t care.

Well, soon i think the only solution will be a written complaint. Hope not.


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